Here are 12 innovative growth hacking strategies startups can use to grow exponentially in 2021. These are the same growth marketing strategies used by now iconic startups before they became famous.

I’ve arranged these growth hacking examples based on sheer ingenuity and unorthodox marketing creativity that made these startups first explode in the market.

1. The YouTube Growth Hack — GoPro

One of the no.1 growth hacking strategies for new startups is to grow a brand on YouTube.

YouTube is one of the biggest channels for content consumption. A long-term strategy to grow your brand here can give you a far bigger ROI than buying ad space…

Frustrated digital marketing baby because of the FB | Apple war.

To comply with Apple’s update, Facebook is making changes to their app-based advertising SDK. This is for advertisers who run ads for app installs and need in-app tracking to measure conversions and for apps who use Facebook’s Audience Network for monetization.

To comply with Apple’s updated SKAdNetwork mobile app package, Facebook advertisers are now limited to the following:

  1. One ad account per app
  2. Maximum of 9 campaigns and 5 ad sets per campaign
  3. Dedicated campaigns for iOS 14 users are required
  4. Maximum of 14 events tracked
  5. Reporting data aggregated at the campaign level with modeled (i.e. …

Let me be straight up with you right from the beginning. This is not a joke. Most business owners don’t even know about this program, but Google offers $10,000 a month in search ads to non-profits. Here is a breakdown of how it works and how you can use it even if you’re not a non-profit.

What Is Google Ad Grants?

The Google Ad Grants Program gives nonprofits the chance to advertise on Google Ads at no cost to the nonprofit. This program gives qualified organizations $10,000 per month in Google Ads spend to be used to promote their initiatives on You can also…

Entrepreneurship is only made possible by the creative impulse that God gave us. I asked myself if scripture had any examples of successful business owners or entrepreneurs and in fact, it provides several examples. We’ll start with Abraham. An amazing leader, trainer and a person who knew how to make the best of his situation. ⠀

We know from Genesis 13 that Abram was very wealthy in livestock, gold, and silver. By the time he had to rescue Lot in Genesis 14, he had over 300 trained men, presumably trained in the use of arms. A team of 300 is…

No matter how many free tools crop up for e-commerce companies, a paid ad is sometimes your best bet for driving traffic to (and conversions from) your website.

The problem is another e-commerce and even brick-and-mortar competitors are using the same search terms and keywords you will. Not only do you need to know how to build a campaign through Google Ads, but you also need to know how to stand out from the crowd.

We’ll start with a few real examples of AdWords campaigns — a service now known as simply Google Ads — and then throw in some…

Courtesy of CNBC

Starting around Halloween, on through the ordeal of Black Friday and culminating around Christmas is the magical time of record-high consumer activity — and skyrocketing ad costs (CPMs grow 2x on Facebook for instance). So you’re guaranteed to have to spend significantly more in November-December to get the same number of conversions.

Apart from making sure your ad creative is exquisite in getting the message across to a perfectly tailored audience, here’s what you can do to optimize growing ad costs:

Go Heavy on Remarketing and Lookalikes

Warm leads are a better use of ad budget because they’re way more receptive to brand communication and thus…

When I first started exploring Facebook Ads, I literally discovered a whole new world. It seemed enormously complicated: Facebook Ads Manager, Campaigns, Ads, Ad sets, Power Editor (now retired), automated rules, creatives — it went on and on! It’s truly an extensive and exhaustive platform with endless possibilities. Unless you want to run search ads. 😂

I just wanted to understand the basics so I could run a marketing campaign for my JesusCentric ministry. Now after years of running successful and profitable Facebook campaigns for all sorts of clients and industries. …

Everything changes rapidly when it comes to making Facebook ads work. Which makes scaling Facebook ad campaigns all the more challenging. If you clicked on this article you obviously know you can’t just increase the budgets.

Not only do you have to adapt your strategies and tactics for changes in Facebook’s algorithm, but you also need to consistently change your ad creatives. It’s a constant cycle of developing winning campaigns and fighting ad fatigue.

The more time you spend analyzing ads, audiences, and metrics, the more impossible the task of scaling Facebook ads seems. But don’t worry…

I’m going to…

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Did your campaign’s performance suddenly start to decline after a couple of weeks This is probably due to something called ad fatigue and it happens when your target audience is, well, tired of seeing the same ads over and over again?

What is Facebook Ad Fatigue?

Facebook ad fatigue is when people see the same ad too many times. High ad fatigue causes Facebook to severely limit your ad’s deliverability. You can measure ad fatigue on Facebook with the frequency metric.

How to recognize Facebook ad fatigue vs something else.

Spotting ad fatigue is easy: one or several key metrics in your campaign start to drop and the “frequency” metric starts to rise at…

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